2016 Award Winner

The moment that we’ve been anticipating all year is finally here!
Stephen’s Backpacks Society has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 People Power Award for excellence in grassroots campaigning and inspiring positive change!
Their organization has many projects, all aimed at ending youth homelessness. Stephen’s Backpacks Society is currently providing backpacks, shoes, education resources, and hope to children and families in need.

Making a Difference with Buttons

In the past, Stephen’s Backpacks Society has used pinback buttons to inspire positive change in classrooms through their Global Citizenship Project. Part of this education initiative involves “Dream Buttons,” a way for students to write their dream, wear it, and share it everyday!

As the winner of this year’s People Power Award, Stephen’s Backpacks Society is the recipient of a custom 6-inch button award, and a button gift certificate to help them keep up the awesome work 🙂